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How to Achieve Success in Personal Training

Follow the Lead And You’ll Lead the Field

You are losing money.

It’s true.

We are so sure of it that we’ll make a bet.

The bet is that right now, you are not using the one thing the highest-paid and most-successful personal trainers in the personal training business are doing that brings them more business – and money – than they know what to do with.

Yet before we tell you what that one thing is, we want to tell you the excuses (and our answers) we hear each week from personal trainers all over the country who wish their bank accounts were larger and their client list was bigger.

“I’m a certified personal trainer and people should
be seeking me out to help them and paying me what I’m worth.”

Really? So what is it that makes you so different from the hundreds of thousands of other certified personal trainers looking for clients? We’ve got the answer that WILL separate you from the crowd and can change your personal training life in a hurry.

“I don’t want to drive 25 minutes to train a client.”

So stay right where you are and don’t drive 25 minutes. Time is valuable, so what if we could bring clients to you – from all over the world! – that you could train via e-mail, Skype or simply by using your iPhone or Android? We’ve got them and they are looking for you to help them TODAY!

“I have enough clients and I’m booked for the next six months.”

You’re telling us you have so many clients that you don’t have, an extra 15-minutes here or there in your day to help someone via e-mail, Skype or video chat with your smart phone and make more money than you would, sitting around doing nothing? Is that really what you’re saying or did we just misunderstand you?

“Why should I pay anyone a referral fee for new clients?”

Because every successful business does it (it’s called “advertising”) and if you want to be smart and set yourself apart from all the rest of the certified personal trainers in your town or city, you’ll do it too.

The Quickest Way to Become a Success is to do the
Same Things Successful People do

We want you to meet a guy named Kevin Brown.

You’re going to love this guy Kevin Brown because in a moment, he’s going to reveal to you the things he does that keeps him easily earning a six-figure income year-after-year and employing more than 100 certified trainers (who are also making great money too) working for him.

And now’s a good time for us to tell you the one thing the highest-paid and most-successful personal trainers are doing that brings them more business – and money – than they know what to do with.

They buy leads.

It’s the three words that can change your personal training business, finances and life.

So what are “leads”?

They are people looking for someone to pay to train them.

It’s that simple.

Relax…We’ll do the Work for You

In the past, in order to find new clients (“Leads”), you’d have to pay lots of money to run ads in newspapers, on the radio, TV, flyers, mail-outs, use direct marketing and phone solicitors and it was expensive.

And even today, with all the instant availability of finding information on the Web, you still have to spend a lot of money on Websites and Web ads in the hopes of getting someone interested enough to contact you.

For most people, at best, it’s hit-or-miss.

Stop Guessing and Wasting Your Time and Money

At Personal Trainer Central, we changed all of that.

This is how the Most Successful Personal Trainers
Get New Clients

We revolutionized how certified personal trainers hook up with new (and good paying) clients and it is time you get turned on to us and let us help you recharge your business and life.

You see, we’ve already done all the hard work for you.

That’s right.

All you need to do is contact the people who’ve already told us they want you to contact them and make them your client.

We’ve invested a lot of money in creating the exclusive cutting-edge technology that can bring new clients to you.

It’s really as easy as you telling us what kind of client you’d like and we bring them to you.

Go ahead and pinch yourself because you’re not dreaming.

We’ll say it again…

It’s really as easy as you telling us what kind of client you’d like and we bring them to you.

And thanks to us being able to help a lot of people like you, the cost to bring that new client to you is so much cheaper than you could ever do so on your own.

But there’s still something you’ll need to do.

We will amaze you with how many people we can bring to you who are looking for someone like you to train them, but only you can close the deal and turn them into your client.

Our job is to find you the clients.

Your job is to make them your clients.

And that’s not hard at all if you’ll do what the most-successful personal trainers are doing to get new clients.

Just follow their time-tested and proven strategy and we know you’ll be on your way to great success in no time.

Just like Kevin Brown…

“I want to thank Personal Trainer Central (PTC) for doing such a great job. This week alone I gained two new clients as a result of their New Client Leads. The technology PTC uses is amazing! Once I receive the email notification of a New Client Lead I login to my secure admin account to review the basic client information. I then gain the client contact information after paying the small marketing fee. I put the New Client Lead into my communication strategy consisting of a series (if necessary) of immediate follow up phone calls, a welcome email, my monthly newsletter and then send them some additional added-value gifts to help them reach their goals.”

–Kevin Brown, Visionary Trainers, Inc. serving Philadelphia and the tri-state area

So here’s what Kevin did (and you will too)…

  1. Kevin signed up as a member of Personal Trainer Central.
  2. After he signed up, he told us what kind of certification he has, what specialty certifications he has, and what kinds of clients he’s looking for and where he’d like to train them (only in his area, online or both).
  3. With that information, our team at Personal Trainer Central goes to work to match the “leads” (people who have already contacted us looking for a trainer to help them today) with Kevin.
  4. Once a lead is a good match for Kevin, we immediately contact Kevin to let him know he has someone who is interested in Kevin contacting them to help them.
  5. Kevin then jumps on the Personal Trainer Central Website and logs into his account, where he can now review all the information about that new client.
  6. If Kevin likes what he sees, he then pays a small marketing fee to Personal Trainer Central for us finding and bringing that new client to him.
  7. Kevin then contacts the new client using his highly-effective communication strategy of giving the new client a phone call, sending them a “welcome e-mail” and even some free information that can help that potential new client reach their goals.
  8. Kevin speaks to the potential new client and closes the deal and turns that “lead” into another good paying and very satisfied client.

And here’s the amazing thing…

Kevin doesn’t need any new clients.

In fact, he has all the business he can handle, but he knows that in the personal training business, clients constantly come and go, and to keep him enjoying that wonderful six-figure lifestyle year-after-year, Kevin always makes sure he has lots of new clients.

Follow Kevin’s strategy and you can enjoy the same.

The 1-2-3 Power Strategy that can Bring New Clients and More Money to You

As a member of Personal Trainer Central, you’ll not only have access to vast resources of information that will help you and your personal training business greatly succeed, but you’ll have the networking power of the Personal Trainer Central team who will bring you something no one else can offer you…

Potential New Clients!

And you’ll have three choices on how you’d like us to bring those potential new clients to you.

Option #1: Get Started

Option #2: Elite Clients

Option #3: The Online Trainer Program

We are ready to send Potential New Clients to You Now!

The only thing we’re waiting for is you!

It’s time to take your personal training business, finances and life to the next level of success and the best time to do it is starting today.

We’ve got everything ready right now to help you do it.

Let’s Get Started and we’ll show you just how easy getting new clients can be!